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$30 per month Unlimited Contractor Job bids and leads.

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$30  per month Unlimited Job bids and leads.
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Frequently asked questions
  • Can I cancel my service at any time
Yes you may cancel at any time there is no contract.
  • How does the contractor rating system work ?
Each customer that you provide service to will submit ratings and review on your Service. This can only be submitted by your previous customers no exceptions. You cannot buy ratings.
  • How many leads will I receive each month ?
There is no one answer to this question this will depend on the type of service you provide, demand for service in your area, you bid amount and your ratings.
  • How are we different than other leads and jobs generating websites ?
We charge a flat monthly rate not like our competition that charges you per lead $10, $20, $50 or more.
Only one contractor will win the bid not like our competition that sends to 5 or 10 different contractors that get the same information as you. If you are not the first one to call you and other contractors will get charged for the same lead. (That's crazy big profit corporations. They only care to charge as many contractors as possible to make a huge profit). We don't charge for dead leads. You pay monthly flat rate.Our bidding system works like this. You need minimum of three bids for the bid to be executed. If there is not enough bids the system will wait up to 24 hours to finalize all bids. Once the bid is finalized and executed the winning contractor will receive all customer and project information by e-mail or you can log into your account and look under leads. We allow contractors to add their phone number and website address to the profile. This will allow contractors to receive direct and indirect job leads. Customers can search our contractor directory and go directly to contractors website or choose to have contractors bid on the project. Our competition does not allow that they want to charge as many contractors as possible to make a huge profit. We have been approached by several different companies that wanted to buy us out in fear of competition but we will not give in we will show them and send strong message that no big corporation is going to bully us around. There are several companies on the Internet buying out smaller Internet-based companies to shrink down the competition. Help us and we will help you to succeed in your business goals.
  • Why do we only charge $30 per month compared to other companies that charge per lead $10-$20-$50
There are many answers to this question. I am a small contractor fed up with these big corporations charging contractors arm and a leg for leads. I am one of those contractors. I used several different services that landed me no new business and cost me a lot of money. I wanted to find a way to help contractors find new customers and be affordable to any size business. I also wanted to show big corporations that they will no longer be able to rip off contractors. By keeping rates low and charged flat monthly fee this will allow us to sign up more contractors to our service. More contractors we sign up more advertising spending we have this will boost our presence on the Internet and boost new jobs and leads for our contractors. It's a win-win for all.
  • What other benefits will I receive with the service ?
  1. Your company listing in our contractor directory with your phone number and website address. (we hope you will have a link back to our website as well
  2. Back link to your website. This will boost your search engine ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing and more
  3. Discounts on professional website design or updates.
  4. Profile page you can add or delete categories, coverage area zip, update your information, change password, add photos url only.
  5. Coming soon affiliate program. When you refer us to your customers or other contractors you will receive commission, this will eventually pay for your monthly subscription to our service and depending on how many referrals you sent to us you will make additional money.
  6. We will advertise your business and services on social media, search engines, classifieds, blogs and more. This will boost your SEO. Your profile and website will be more visible and rank higher and search engines like google.
  7. Discount web hosting
  • How will I receive job bids and leads ?
New job postings in your area that match your service and zip code that you provide service in will be sent by text message and e-mail. This will have a link that you click on it will take you to open jobs page here you will be able to review and bid.
  • Is my credit card information safe ?
Absolutely yes all transactions are done through PayPal. We do not keep any credit card information. Contractor Leads.